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2016 Gold Winner

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Incorporated in October 1997 as a not-for-profit, The Community Training and Development Centre's purpose is to strengthen our communities through innovation and leadership.

Our purpose is to operate with integrity, to provide innovative, creative, effective and sustainable solutions for both community and individual improvement.

We will continue to stay on purpose as the need for creative responses to environmental and social problems evolve.

The mandate of The Community Training and Development Centre is providing training and development through specialized programs and services, which positively influence individual and community growth.

Our primary focus has always been directed at providing our communities with resilient solutions that add value to the lives of residents.



Who owns the organization?

The CTDC is an incorporated not-for-profit organization and is responsible to a Board of Directors that is representative of the communities we serve.

To whom is the organization responsible?

The Governance, Social and Environmental responsibilities.

Governance is provided by the Board of Directors.

Social responsibilities to our stakeholders, our clients and customers, our business suppliers, and our staff.

Environmental responsibilities are identified and shared through our training and community development projects, including our

disruptor video series.

How dependent is The CTDC on its operating environment?

Externally we align our innovative solutions to be consistent with community needs and client/customer service.

Internally we support our CTDC teams to be engaged in our purpose and respond to community needs by exceeding stakeholder expectations.

We value and respect taking appropriate risks to develop creative solutions and to build corporate resilience.

We create positive relationships with staff, community stakeholders, suppliers, clients, and customers.

We seek interconnection with our community stakeholders who demonstrate shared purpose.

We build fiscal strength to enable continuous financial resilience that allows us to serve our communities.


Community Contributions

The Community Training and Development Centre contributes to communities in the following ways:

Supporting children: conducting research into sector employment needs, developing child- care programming, and training for those who work with and support children’s development.

Supporting youth: developing various information and training initiatives and job search strategies for youth seeking employment and educational opportunities

Supporting women: conducting research and developing information and training directed at assisting women to develop financial literacy, job search strategies and building confidence.

Seniors and older adults: conducting research into employment needs for those supporting seniors, developing purpose filled housing solutions, training for those supporting seniors, job search strategies for older workers, and by building a social enterprise that provides nutritious meals for vulnerable seniors.

Municipal Government: conducting research and developing resources through research projects directed at recruitment, retention, and training of staff. Providing training opportunities for OW clients.

Environment: Developing video resources and training materials that identify critical disruptors such as Climate Change, Technology/AI, Globalization, Food Security, Health, Immigration, Demographic change, and Education. These video resources are directed at the school population, the public, and job seekers. The videos all have a section that indicates to the viewer/reader how the disruptors will change employment possibilities.

Meet Our Team

Madelaine Currelly

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Madelaine Currelly has many years of experience in developing entrepreneurial businesses and community employment services. With degrees in Early Childhood Education and Psychology, she is a passionate leader and educator and over the years has developed numerous educational resources that cover all age groups.

Madelaine has been the CEO of The CTDC for over 25 years. During these years The CTDC has won two prestigious awards in the career development field: The Ontario Economic Development Award of Merit in 2010 and the Global Best Gold Award for North America in 2016, for youth and adult career development programming.

The CTDC has also assisted over 40,000 people in southern Ontario with career information, and related resource development, focused on building community members' economic security.

Madelaine and The CTDC team work together with communities to further The CTDC's purpose: to operate with integrity in order to provide innovative, creative, sustainable solutions that a community or individual can use in a sustainable manner, and that will contribute to sustainable community improvement.

Tarin Lewis

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Tarin has been part of the Community Training and Development Centre (CTDC) team for 25 years, having held several positions culminating in the position of COO for the past 3 years.

As Manager of the Community Employment Resource Centre (CERC) for 10 years, Tarin has utilized innovative job search strategies, including assisting in the development of technology solutions for all ages.

Tarin's innovation and program development at CERC have informed and grown The CTDC’s expertise within education and employment sectors. Through funding received from all levels of government, project development has focused on assisting community members and distributing resources with many geographic areas throughout Ontario