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every door opens new opportunity! Learn with us. Free training program in residential construction finishing trades.

New ways of learning available on your mobile device, 24/7!

Easy to access.  Easy knowledge acquisition. Easy to implement on the job.

Over the past 26 years, we have dedicated our efforts to refining recruitment, retention, and training strategies, benefiting both employers and current, as well as prospective, employees across various sectors. This commitment has enabled us to assist countless employers and individuals, offering job search support and skill development across diverse industries to over 40,000 individuals!

We're pleased to announce that our highly effective and personalized training and employment solutions are now accessible to a broader audience through our new software platform and learning management system known as Chalenj (compatible with any mobile device) and My Home Works is our new resource for locating these valuable resources. For anytime, anywhere access to essential information and training content, simply visit My Home Works and select the Chalenj that suits your needs!

Direct your deskless workers toward the information they need to do their job!

How? Using our QR code enabled action-management system called Chalenj! This platform helps businesses meet 21st century challenges: high turnover, providing employees access to information when they need it, and building a competent workforce. How? Using our QR code enabled action-management system called Chalenj!

  • Provide ‘in the flow’ information so your employees can do their job. 
  • Incrementally introduce deep learning for competency development. 
  • Reinforce your business mission and way of doing business. 
  • Provide employees with a repository of information that includes policies, procedures and job aides.

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The CTDC as an organization have been focused on the impact of an aging population not only as it affects our employment market and economy, but also the potential required responses of the infrastructure (eg: health care, housing, technology) that is needed to support an aging demographic.

To make this important information more readily available to communities across Ontario and Canada, as well as locally in Northumberland County, we created a new podcast called “Aging, A New Reality” originally hosted on Northumberland Radio 89.7FM - an interview series with experts covering topics such as women’s health, brain health, housing needs, finance, cyber security, nutrition, climate adaptation and more! 


Funded in part by the Government of Canada's New Horizons for Seniors Program, our Longevity Newsletter provides information to help older adults live a longer health span. Each newsletter provides learning opportunities and resources of value. The newsletters and resources are now available on our website!


Our objective with this project was to introduce older adults to nutrient-dense food and FREE information on how to stay healthy while aging in place. Various types of resources were developed which demonstrate the value of healthy food and how smarter choices could improve their physical, emotional, and cognitive health.


Partnering with CMHC and Solution Lab, the objective of this project was developing a model of purpose-driven, affordable housing in rural and small-medium sized urban areas.


Latest News


Throughout 2023 we shared highlights of our work as a not-for-profit which began 25 years ago in 1997 when we began collaborating with local communities and other organizations to address a variety of local needs in the areas of training and development.

From the beginning, our purpose has been to operate with integrity, providing innovative, creative, effective and sustainable solutions for both community and individual improvement.

We've summarized our work in a series of short videos called "Steps of Success - Our 25+ year story" shared on our Facebook and Instagram accounts throughout 2023.

We invite you to watch the short highlight reel linked below:

Labour Market Disruptors Create Growth Jobs

Our team has created short educational videos which highlight eight key global disruptors:



Climate Change






How do these disruptors increase job opportunities for young people? Click below to watch the videos and begin exploring potential career paths and vital skills of the future!


Curriculum is being developed for incumbents, pre-employees and new employees in Northumberland County that will also be delivered via a new software platform called Chalenj.

A free demo of Chalenj is available for employers, email us for details!

2020 also saw us transition to online learning with the successful implementation of our Learning Management System and free training programs.

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The workforce of tomorrow

Whether you are entering the workforce with little experience, in mid-career, or an older adult entering or re-entering with significant experience, you may be asking yourself,

“Where am I needed within the workforce of today and tomorrow?" and "Will all future jobs involve technology?". 

Although most jobs require experience with technology solutions, not everyone will want to work or study within technology and scientific sectors. There are many critically important jobs that will always be in need of workers.

These jobs include parenting, education, health supports, food production, customer service, human services, supporting community development, economic development, mental health, supports for those who are aging, and many more.

Click below to learn more about these career pathways.

For additional information on jobs of the present and future, watch the short videos we created about global labour market disruptors.


Who Are We?

2023 marks The Community Training and Development Centre's 25+ years in business! Incorporated in October 1997 as a not for profit, we provide training and development through specialized programs and services that improve and benefit the communities these programs serve. Our purpose is to operate with integrity, providing innovative, creative, effective and sustainable solutions for both community and individual improvement.


Our Community Impact


Community members served over our 25 years in business


Meals cooked for seniors, the homeless and women's shelters at our Food Centre


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"In a short amount of time my basic skills improved so much, from writing an email, to building a resume and developing a better understanding of the importance of emotional intelligence. The coaches are what make the whole experience, they are always kind and ready to help where they can. I am so grateful to have been a part of this wonderful course”


“This program is a fun, self challenging experience that will help you grow as a person and develop skills to move forward no matter what career path you want to pursue” 


“This program helped me to gain valuable certificates and training at no cost to was a great experience and allowed me to gain experience outside of my comfort zone...I ended up connecting with two employers who offered me positions once the program was completed” 


"I went into this program to see if it was the right path for me. I've realized that working in the health care industry is something I love doing! I got a job even before the program was done!"


Personal Care Assistant Training

"Overall, this program was a phenomenal experience, I loved working with strangers that became friends, and getting real experience cooking, using equipment, and learning techniques!"


Culinary Assistant Training

"The training improved my chance of getting a full time position working with children in a school/after school setting, and a better pay scale based on my extra qualification."


Children's Support Assistant Training


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