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START Now! ‘Sector Transitions and Readiness for Employment and Self-Directed Learning’ is a new employment opportunity for Northumberland County, Ontario, residents. In collaboration with the County of Northumberland and community partners, we match participants with a local employer in manufacturing or tourism/hospitality. Job seekers also gain access to our online learning curriculum (self-paced), and one-on-one support from our professional job coaches. START is open to residents of Northumberland County who are 15+ years of age.

Youth Initiative Program is open to residents of Northumberland and Quinte West who are 18-30 years of age. This program gives participants the opportunity to explore local careers in food, agriculture, housing, health and more. Participants receive PAID training and PAID work experiences in a variety of growth industries. Read previous participant’s testimonials below!



Are you a job seeker and resident in Northumberland County? If you’re curious about employment opportunities in your community and are looking for guidance to find the right employer or to begin a new career, our new START employment program can help, and it’s free for job-seekers!

You will be matched with a local employer in manufacturing, tourism or hospitality that’s the right fit for you. Plus, you will gain access to our online self-directed learning platform with curriculum tailored to assist job seekers in the current employment market including: resiliency and Self-Care, Customer Service and Sales, Personalized Services, Gig workers (self marketing, negotiation skills, money management) and Understanding Global Economic Disruptors and the Changing Job Market.

Additionally, participants receive a personalized strengths assessment and one-on-one guidance from our professional job coaches before and after employment.

Visit the link below for further details. Registration open now!

Youth Initiative Program


Are you 18-30 years of age and live in Northumberland County or the Quinte West region?

If you want to explore local career options while getting paid AND gain numerous workplace certifications, then this could be the perfect training program for you.

24-week paid, full-time contract (30-35 hrs/week), which includes: Paid training, free work-relevant certifications plus two 10-week paid work placement opportunities within local growth industries.

Registration open now! Questions? Want to learn more? Follow the links below!

Skills Advanced Ontario (SAO) was a provincially funded project that provided free online training focusing on key growth career sectors. The programs we offered through this program were: Personal Care Assistant, Culinary Assistant, and Children’s Support Assistant. *We no longer offer these programs*

Personal Care Assistant


*No longer offered*

A vital program for our ageing communities, our Personal Care Assistant (PCA) program trained participants to safely assist non-medically fragile individuals, and their families, with daily tasks at home or in long-term care facilities. It was a 4-week online training taught by experts in senior care with the potential to qualify for a 2-week paid work placement in the local community to gain hands-on experience. It was available to Ontario residents in the areas of Northumberland County, Peterborough, Lindsay, Durham, Belleville and Kingston. Graduates of this program discovered that working as a PCA is not only a meaningful career path, but one which comes with increasing job security and numerous career paths.

Culinary Assistant


*No longer offered*

This program was open to residents in the Peterborough Ontario area. It was a unique training program focused on providing the knowledge needed for participants to best share their passion for food, make use of newly developed skills, and positively impact their community through employment in the culinary industry. It was a 4-week program composed of online classes with professional instructors via our eLearning platform in addition to hands-on skills training with a chef at our commercial kitchen in Peterborough. The possibility to gain valuable work experience and build confidence with a 2-week paid placement was also an option available to some students (based on location).

Child Support Assistant


*No longer offered*

This free training was open to Ontario residents in the areas of Northumberland County, Peterborough, Lindsay, Durham, Belleville and Kingston. It was a 4-week online training taught by experts via The CTDC’s eLearning platform. Additionally there was the potential to qualify for a 2-week paid work placement in the local community to gain hands-on experience.



“In the time I spent in the program I made huge improvements with skills I had but didn’t know how to use properly, even in a short amount of time my basic skills improved so much – from writing an email, building a resume, to developing a better understanding of the importance of emotional intelligence. The coach’s are what make the whole experience, they are always kind and ready to help where they can. I am so grateful to have been a part of this wonderful course”


Youth Initiative Program

“This program helped me to gain valuable certificates and training at no cost to me, giving me requirements and experience to expand my work options. The program was a great experience and allowed me to gain experience outside of my comfort zone. Through this program I ended up connecting with two employers who offered me positions once the program was completed” 


Youth Initiative Program

“The Youth Initiative Program has helped me build critical skills that employers are looking for right now. I learned both. hard and soft skills that helped me become an asset to local businesses and helped me build the confidence I needed to succeed. The placements provided were meaningful, engaging, and ultimately lead to a potential career!”


Youth Initiative Program

“I went into this program to see if it was the right path for me. I’ve realized that working in the health care industry is something I love doing! I got a job even before the program was done!”


Personal Care Assistant Training

“Overall, this program was a phenomenal experience, I loved working with strangers that became friends, and getting real experience cooking, using equipment, and learning techniques!”


Culinary Assistant Training

“The training improved my chance of getting a full time position working with children in a school/after school setting, and a better pay scale based on my extra qualification.”


Children’s Support Assistant Training



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