Municipal Employment


The Municipal Employment Study was made possible through funding received from The Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development. Resources were developed through research projects directed at recruitment, retention, and training of staff. Providing training opportunities for OW clients. We encourage you to review this summary page as well as the additional resources we created for internal HR departments (previously members only) by clicking the button below.

What Jobs Are Available in Your Municipality?

Awareness of jobs in the municipal sector will be critical for recruiting, particularly in the smaller, more rural municipalities. Bringing awareness to the types of jobs available in your municipal government, at the high school level, will ensure that the workforce of tomorrow is aware of local job opportunities that may exist.

Onward Study

The ONWARD study, conducted in 2017, reported that by the year 2021, 44% of all local government employees will be able to retire. When considering senior government employees, 51% will be eligible for retirement. This will increase the need for recruitment of new employees and the training of current employees to fill more senior positions.

Suggestions based on the 2019 Municipal Employment Sector Study:

The need for recruitment, retention, and training strategies will increase in the coming years as the job market continues to shift. The Baby Boomer generation is reaching retirement age and the Millennial generation continues to enter the workforce, resulting in notable changes to job types, work requirements and expectations as well as workplace culture.

The CTDC has put together a resource booklet, "Municipal Recruitment, Retention, and Training" formulated from a combination of virtual focus groups conducted in the Peterborough area, Northumberland and Hastings County. Click below to download it for free.

Employee Training: Soft Skills

Soft skills are personal attributes that allow an individual to interact effectively with others. The key to offering soft skills training is to increase awareness amongst employees regarding the importance of soft skills to organizational effectiveness.

The CTDC developed has developed a pathway to help establish employee soft skills. Download our free, "Employee Training: Developing Soft Skills Pathway" below!

Make Your Municipality an Employer of Choice!

Wondering which jobs will be in-demand in your municipal government? The CTDC has compiled a list of current and future career opportunities experiencing growth the municipal sector. These jobs and more will be in-demand in your municipal government. Download the list below.

Recruit Local Youth

Youth that live in rural locations are often not aware of career opportunities in their area, creating a huge problem for the local municipalities in terms of recruitment and retention of young talent. Slowing the outward migration of youth to large cities is crucial in sustaining rural communities.

Targeting your recruitment efforts towards youth and educating them about specific careers available within their municipality is a great way to increase awareness around current and future possibilities.

To attract your local youth to specific careers and improve the future of your rural community, download the printable pdfs below and use them in your recruitment efforts:

The Future: Ontario Municipalities in 2030

Learn about likely employment patterns for the future within the municipal sector in Ontario. Download the research paper, "The Nature of Employment in Ontario Municipalities in 2030" by Michelle Laing and Christopher Worswick, October 2017.