Tech Meets Education

Leveraging technology to enhance community growth and development

At The CTDC we’ve been able to leverage technology to enhance our participants journey. Whether the focus is on training, competency development or education, we ensure that the digital experience of the participant is interactive and engaging.

To do this, we have implemented a digital learning experience platform that helps guide participants towards a specific outcome regardless of the area of focus such as online career training: Personal Care Assistant, Child Support Assistant and Culinary Assistant programs. We also focus our digital education efforts towards engaging the senior community with the intention of decreasing social isolation and increasing knowledge of nutrition and healthy aging.

Our objective at The CTDC is to ensure that all participants reach their full potential regardless of the program we offer. To achieve this objective, technology has become a cornerstone of what we do. In light of this, we've implemented and invested in the implementation of a digital learning experience platform by collaborating with cutting edge technology developer Flowork International.


To find out more on how technology meets education at The CTDC, don't hesitate to contact us.

Learn more about our digital education platforms below!

LMS: Learning Management System

Our new LMS allows us to deliver synchronous and asynchronous training courses.

Micro-action Management System

Allows us to guide participants through micro-actions that lead to a desired outcome.

Customized Applications

Various customized applications allows us to offer mobile applications that are customized to a specific program.

Networked Communities

Networked Communities was an app designed to address social isolation by inviting seniors, through the use of the app, to explore their local communities. Each activity was presented as a challenge to find, engage and explore local businesses, tourism sites and meet new people through these explorations.

60 in 60 Challenge

60 in 60 Challenge was an app developed to assist older adults in job searches. The app prompted users to complete daily challenges, which after completing, moves the participant closer to finding a new job.

Seniors Nutrition Project

During a 4 week period, this new project will introduce seniors to more nutritionally dense food, and provide information on fresh and alternative food products. Fact sheets and infographics will be included in order to easily understand the value of improving nutritional content and the resulting impact on seniors physical, emotional and cognitive health.

As a not-for-profit training, research and resource development organization, The CTDC also operates a social enterprise/commercial kitchen in Peterborough called The Food Centre. Currently we provide one meal per day to approximately 70 local, vulnerable seniors through the Meals on Wheels, Community Care program. We also provide meals to the homeless in collaboration with the City of Peterborough, and to the YWCA women’s shelter.