Aging, A New Reality

our interview series with experts shedding light on issues important to older adults







Our CEO Madelaine Currelly and The Community Training and Development Centre (CTDC) as an organization have been focused on the impact of an aging population not only as it affects our employment market and economy, but also the potential required responses of the infrastructure (eg: health care, housing, technology) that is needed to support an aging demographic.

To make this important information more readily available to communities across Ontario and Canada, as well as locally in Northumberland County, the CTDC created a new podcast called “Aging, A New Reality” originally hosted on Northumberland Radio 89.7FM - an interview series with experts covering topics such as women’s health, brain health, housing needs, finance, cyber security, nutrition, climate adaptation and more! 

Featured Podcast

What does the term 'Climate Change' really mean? What changes can we expect now and in the future?

In this episode of Aging, a New Reality we delve into these questions and more, in the first of four interviews with Dr. Anabela Bonada from the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation.

The Intact Centre is doing incredible work to help us understand and prepare for the potential impacts to our homes, lifestyles, communities and health. This information is vital for all Canadians, but it’s especially important for our most vulnerable groups including seniors and those living in remote areas.

Learn how to prepare and modify your home, discover free resources and local support networks that you can turn to during a crisis.

Many thanks to Dr. Bonada for sharing her expertise!